Fire and Smoke Model Evaluation Experiment (FASMEE)

The Fire and Smoke Model Evaluation Experiment (FASMEE) is a multi-agency, interdisciplinary collaborative effort to identify and collect critical measurements of fuels, fire behavior, fire energy, meteorology, smoke, and fire effects that will be used to evaluate and advance operational-used fire and smoke models. These data will promote science advancement that will give us a better understanding of wildland fire including how a fire behaves, the production and spread of smoke, and fire effects. This knowledge will promotes better prediction of the spread of smoke and the effects on peoples health, firefighter health and safety and aids in the allocation of firefighting resources. Data collection has been initiated on large wildfires and prescribed fires within the Western Wildfire and Southwest field campaigns as identified in the completed FASMEE study plan. Data collection during the southeast field campaign will begin in 2021.

    • Western Wildfire Campaign: Pre-fire lidar imagery, default fuel bed assignment or field collected data were used to model over 60 wildland fires for source characterization in 2018 and 2019 supporting National Science Foundation WE-CAN project and NOAA and NASA FIREX-AQ studies.

    • Southwest Campaign: Fuel plots, fixed wing lidar imagery, ground-based fire behavior packages, unmanned aircraft systems with attached, sophisticated emission packages, and skyward looking lidar and radar units were positioned at the Manning Creek and Langdon Mountain stand replacement fires located on the Richfield Ranger District, Fishlake National Forest. A third stand replacement fire has been instrumented for FASMEE (Annabella Reservoir) and will be burned in the fall of 2020.

    • Southeast Campaign: FASMEE will be moving into the Southeast campaign and instrumenting 4 burns at Fort Stewart in Georgia in conjunction with several Department of Defense SERDP projects.

    • All data from the project is being placed in a data repository accessible to all.

Langdon Mountain stand replacement prescribed fire conducted on the Fishlake National Forest.

Curtesy of Krieg Rasmussen, Fishlake National Forest.