Fire and Smoke Model Evaluation Experiment (FASMEE)

FASMEE is a recently funded multi-agency effort to provide advanced measurements necessary to evaluate and advance operationally-used fire and smoke modeling systems and their underlying scientific models. The field campaign will be conducted on large operational prescribed fires targeting heavy fuel loads and burned to produce high-intensity fires with developed plumes in the southeastern and western United States.

The project is currently in Phase 1 which will produce a detailed experimental design including a study plan, logistics plan, incident action plan, and data management plan. Phase 2 will be the field campaign measurements which are currently planned for 2018-2020.

Thank you for your interest. Please watch this site as more information becomes available or contact the Leadership Team.

FASMEE Science Team:
The FASMEE Science Team has been selected through the now completed competitive JFSP request for proposals. Four discipline leads (fuels, fire behavior, meteorology and plume dynamics, and smoke emissions and chemistry) and four modeling leads were selected.

The study plan is currently under development, and a competitive JFSP Funding Opportunity Notice will be released in November 2016 to select measurement teams for Phase 2 observations.

FASMEE Leadership Team Roger Ottmar, USFS PNW (PI)
Tim Brown, Desert Research Institute
Nancy French, Michigan Tech
Narasimhan (Sim) Larkin, USFS PNW
Adam Watts, (technical lead)
Susan Prichard, (technical lead)
Discipline 1: Fuels Andy Hudak, USFS RMRS (PI)
Robert Keane, USFS RMRS
Louise Loudermilk
Russ Parsons
Susan Prichard, University of Washington
Carl Seielstad
, University of Montana
Nicholas Skowronski, USFS NRS
Discipline 2: Fire Behavior Matt Dickinson, USFS NRS (PI)
Bret Butler, USFS RMRS
Joe O’Brien, USFS RMRS
Wilfrid Schroeder, University of Maryland
Discipline 3: Meteorology and Plume Dynamics Brian Potter, USFS PNW (PI)
Craig Clements, San Jose State University (co-I)
Discipline 4: Smoke Emissions and Chemistry Shawn Urbanski, USFS RMRS (PI)
Modeling – WRF-SFIRE/WRF-SFIRE-CHEM Adam Kochanski, University of Utah (PI)
Aimé Fournier, University of Colorado
Mary Ann Jenkins, York University / University of Utah
Jan Mandel, University of Colorado
Modeling –
Ruddy Mell, USFS PNW (PI)
Rod Linn, LANL (co-I)
Modeling –
CMAQ / EI / EPA regulatory modeling
Kirk Baker, EPA (PI)
Brian Gullet, EPA
Tadeusz Kleindienst, EPA
Tom Pierce, EPA
George Pouliot, EPA
Matthew Landis, EPA
Rohit Mathur, EPA
Venkatesh Rao, EPA
Alan Vette, EPA (co-l)
Modeling – Prescribed fire / southeastern modeling Yongquiang Liu, USFS SRS (PI)
Gary Achtemier, USFS, emeritus
T. Oddman, University of Georgia
Scott Goodrick, USFS SRS (co-l)

Current Funding Partners:

Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP)

US Department of Defense
Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)
Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP)